What is a medical lien?

Typically, when seeing a doctor, medical payments are required at the time of service.  A medical lien is a legal contract utilized by medical providers to secure payment for medical services provided in conjunction with injuries caused by an accident. With a lien, the doctor will not require payment until the settlement of the personal injury claim.

Are all medical services available on lien?

Yes. From the initial evaluation to surgical intervention, our network of providers offer their services on a lien secured by the personal injury claim; including diagnostic providers and surgical facilities.

How quickly can a patient see a doctor?

Depending on the specialty, some doctors can schedule the same day. Others may require a brief wait time or diagnostics.  All of our specialists are available to see new patients.

Is there a co-pay?

The majority of medical providers we work with do not require a co-pay when working with a lien. This is an insurance concept that does not apply to contractual lien treatment.

Are diagnostics required for an initial evaluation?

For an initial evaluation with a surgeon, it is recommended to have a diagnostic work up and may be required before an appointment with a surgeon. This will give the surgeon the in-depth information regarding the severity of the patient’s injury, and allow him to make the proper recommendation.

Does the patient need an attorney?

Yes. An attorney is required to facilitate lien based medical treatment because the attorney helps ensure that the medical providers are reimbursed for their services post settlement.  As experts in personal injury, an attorney will also help you recover medical expenses and any potential pain and suffering compensation.

How does a patient qualify for lien-based treatment?

For the initial evaluation, our account managers will work with you to gather information regarding the accident you were involved in. We will request information, such as the type of accident and the date that it occurred. In addition, we will request your attorney’s information and note any previous medical treatment you may have received. Regardless of your circumstances, you should give us a call to see if you qualify.

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Are the network doctors qualified and experienced in personal injury?

All of our doctors are licensed in their field of expertise, and verified by ODOL management. Many of our network doctors are board-certified, and some have additional fellowship training.  The doctors in our network have experience in dealing with the unique needs of a personal injury patient.

Are the doctors bilingual?

Some of our doctors are bilingual, however, in the event that you or the patient are not fluent in English, it is highly recommended to bring an adult interpreter.  Arrangements can be made with the doctor’s office if the doctor or his staff speak your language. Additional fees may apply.

Are doctors willing to offer second opinions for a surgical recommendation?

Absolutely. It is understandable that a patient may wish to seek a second opinion, from one of our network’s qualified medical professionals.


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