For over 25 years, Orthopedic Doctors on Lien (ODOL) has been a one stop shop for personal injury attorneys and their clients who are in need of lien-based medical treatment. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help alleviate the stress associated with finding the appropriate provider. We specialize in facilitating access to medical services; bringing to the table a full spectrum of medical specialists and services that are available on a lien secured by the personal injury claim.



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We work hard to make available quality doctors, surgeons and other necessary medical services. Doctor specialties and services include:

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Internal Medicine

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Attorneys benefit from Orthopaedic Doctors on Lien by opening the door to a full range of medical services on a lien. Many doctors and services may be unavailable when treatment is associated with a personal injury matter. It is our goal to efficiently manage the complete process, from patient intake and scheduling to the exchange of information and referrals to other specialties. Constant communication between all parties is an important element throughout the entire treatment process.

From the cursory intake and document collection for the initial evaluation, to potential surgical intervention, Orthopaedic Doctors on Lien is there for you every step of the way. When the doctor makes a recommendation, we relay all pertinent documentation to the requesting party so that he or she is well informed and ready for the next step in the patient’s treatment.

Medical lien management is a perk of working with ODOL. Locating a lien provider, coordinating schedules and appointments, transferring important medical records, and collecting bills and reports is not an easy task. We take care of all this for you. This unique service has differentiated our organization from others over the past few decades. We are here to ensure that your client gets access to quality medical care, and you as the attorney have access to all necessary documents without tracking down each provider for reports and bills. ODOL is a DBA of Medical Acquisition Company, Inc. (M.A.C.), which has nearly 30 years of experience helping injured parties obtain access to the medical treatment they need.

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